Wright Design is an award-winning Cambridge-based product
design and development consultancy committed to helping
people and businesses create and transform exciting,
innovative ideas into game-changing product solutions.

About us

For over 20 years we’ve helped create, develop and bring to market products across consumer, medical and professional sectors that provide real benefits for both the client and consumer. We help drive success by delivering relevant solutions that are not only well thought out but well executed.

Our clients range from small start-ups and entrepreneurs with great ideas to market-leading global brands. We are very proud of the fact we have long-standing relationships with clients stretching back to the start of the company. We judge ourselves on the long-term success of our clients.

Good design is about making things better, providing a more valuable and engaging experience.

We Define...

We take time to understand the bigger picture, the values, ambitions, and challenges that people and businesses face. We form close, open relationships with our clients to establish a clear vision, imagine what is possible and understand what is needed. Whether we are creating an identity, exploring new ideas or solving complex engineering challenges, we provide clients with the right support and the right strategy.

We Shape...

Our multi-discipline team bring together the experience, knowledge and creativity that turn clever, innovative ideas into real-world product solutions. We promote and combine creative thinking, sharing ideas across disciplines to challenge convention. We provide the resource to fully develop product solutions from early strategy and insight through to detailed engineering and full manufacturing support within an integrated, holistic and flexible approach.

We Make...

We constantly evaluate how ideas can be implemented to ensure the evolution of a great concept isn’t compromised by development methods and manufacturing processes. We have expert knowledge of the latest technologies, development and production techniques to create compelling product solutions that deliver a more valuable and engaging experience for both client and consumer.

Hayter, makers of the finest mowers have worked with Wright Design for over 15 years to create and develop exceptional premium-quality lawnmowers.

The Harrier 41 has been a full design development programme from initial user insight and interaction studies through to concept design, prototyping, detailed mechanical design, airflow analysis, field trials and production support.

The latest Harrier 41 delivers outstanding, class-leading performance in both cutting and collection. This, combined with a design language and style, reflects and reinforces the heritage and quality of the Hayter brand which has been built upon over the past 70 years.

Current methods for recording, analysing and understanding the cause of dizziness are inaccurate, time-consuming and expensive. We worked closely with the CAVA project team on the research, design and development of a breakthrough proof-of-concept device that identifies and records real-time dizziness spells accurately.

Through initial development work we’ve overcome complex limitations of current testing methods to create a durable, lightweight, comfortable and cost-effective solution that can be worn day and night. This initial work will form the foundations for future product development.

“We have had the pleasure of working with WDL to design, develop and produce a prototype medical device for monitoring dizziness. The device was successfully deployed on a formal clinical investigation, which is a testament to WDL’s hard work and expertise. WDL were extremely accommodating in meeting our exceptionally tight schedules, and we look forward to continuing to work with them during the next stages of the CAVA project."

"This work is part of a three-year project awarded to the University of East Anglia by the Medical Research Council.”

Dr Jacob Newman - Senior Research Associate

The worlds most sophisticated Inland Waterway AIS Class A Transceiver.

Operating in some of the world’s harshest environments, the Apollo has been designed and developed to not only meet tough IPX7 requirements but protect against the challenges of long-term shock and vibration through an innovative and integrated design.

A minimal-risk strategy and user-focused approach to the design and development process were critical in developing a product that must provide complete functionality and flexibility for the user across different scenarios.

GEO set out with a mission to make energy visible, helping people save money by creating devices that would help reduce energy usage. We’ve worked closely with Green Energy Options since the birth of the company, providing them with early creative input through to technical development and support for manufacture, helping to establish them as market leaders.

From the development of early breakthrough products to some of today’s most recognisable energy monitors and smart devices, we’ve helped GEO to change the way we see and manage energy in the home. GEO’s success has been recognised with numerous awards including the Queens Award for Enterprise Innovation in 2017.

Early GEO monitors set the benchmark for
making energy visible.

WDL have worked with GEO to explore new product formats
and ways in which information is displayed to create a more
engaging experience.

Introducing the world’s first proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration experiment.

Wright Design supported the Max Planck Institute for Physics in the highly complex and challenging design, installation and commissioning of the 12-metre plasma cell and Rubidium source for the AWAKE collaboration at CERN. A system composed of over 1500 individual components.

On 26th May 2018 the AWAKE experiment at CERN accelerated electrons successfully for the first time using a wakefield generated by protons travelling through Rubidium plasma. This significant achievement was published in a paper in the prestigious journal Nature. A crucial role in developing a promising system that will contribute to future development of technology for high-energy accelerators.

“I find it amazing that the experiment worked the first time! The contribution of WDL was key in the success of the 2016 run, the first of many steps towards a possible plasma-based accelerator
for high-energy physics”

Prof. Dr Patric Muggli - AWAKE Physics Coordinator

Milton is a world innovator in cold water sterilisation solutions.

We worked closely with Milton to create and develop a new range of innovative baby sterilising products consisting of the Combi multi-bottle, Solo travel and the Mini portable soother steriliser.

The focus was to create a product range that provided users with complete convenience and flexibility to clean and sterilise baby accessories both in the home and on the go. The Combi and Solo products can be used to either cold water or microwave sterilise, using new innovative safety vent technology.

The range has been incredibly successful, having been internationally recognised with over 13 awards since launch.

Initial concept directions evolved from understanding the challenges that surround sterilisation and identifying the needs of users across different scenarios. It was important to develop a product identity across the range that was distinctive and would align with and appropriately support the new Milton brand identity.

The products were developed from initial concepts through to prototyping, rigorous user trials and testing to meet stringent safety standards, and finally engineered for production.

Heatrae Sadia, the largest UK supplier of water heating products have been working with Wright Design for over 10 years. The collaboration has seen the development of cutting-edge solutions, across a broad range of products. WDL were first introduced to redesign and refresh a number of products, one of which was the award-winning Megaflo.

Megaflo’s success materialised from innovative design. The solution enhanced product performance in line with European directives and greatly improved manufacture efficiency. The design assisted in the relaunch of Megaflo, reinforcing its position as the market leader.

"Working with WDL feels like a real partnership. They integrate with our team, which makes it easy and enjoyable to work with them. WDL provides the technical knowledge and creative flair to help find the most effective solutions for our products and their respected markets. WDL have supported us in developing and sustaining the market leading Hot water cylinder, and have been pivotal in supporting us with other award-winning products."

Anthony Gravestock, BDR Thermea Group UK R&D Manager

Cygnus are the original pioneers in developing multiple echo technology for obtaining accurate thickness measurements though coatings and corrosion. Today, their products are used in almost every industrial sector around the globe.

We worked closely with Cygnus to redesign their range of MK4 ultrasonic gauges. Our support saw the implementation of a holistic approach to the design and development process, identifying user’s specific pain points and their critical needs at the earliest opportunity. This unearthed key insights that would allow us to optimize touch points, general component layout and architecture, shape and form for one-handed and wrist-mounted operation and for use with gloves. This provided a robust foundation from which we could refine the overall user experience and optimize the performance of the product for use in some of the worlds most challenging environments.

These insights where also key in developing an internal technical package that would meet IP67 waterproofing requirements and drop tests from 1.5 meters. A strong twin-shot internal shell is covered in a durable TPE outer skin sealing the internals from the outside world and providing and extremely robust, yet reliable platform. The product range has been very successful and was recognized by the Red Dot design awards.

We worked with Cistermiser to re-design and develop the new IRC Flush Sensor that helps overcome the challenges of water wastage and costs associated with public convenience spaces.

The work initially focussed on developing a new product identity that is sympathetic to its environment and would fit with Cistermiser’s new corporate identity. This was developed simultaneously with a new internal technical package. We supported Cistermiser to take the design from early initial concept through to prototype design, detailed mechanical design and finally full production and support.

The new IRC Sensor not only delivers fresh, modern appeal but is robust, easier to manufacture, assemble and install. The new IRC product can be recessed, pipe or surface mounted.